Chris Smith Memorial

                                              The Vision

Following a site meeting with some of Chris's closest friends, they expressed the wish to create something which would be a lasting Memorial to Chris and hopefully encourage others to take up outdoor sporting activities including Running and Cycling.

The plan is to renovate the old pump house which is currently quite dilapidated and create a deck and seating area. All the work on the pump house has to be accepted by Scottish National Heritage as it is within the bounds of Daviot House.


The plans submitted show the new pitched and slated roof on the pump house and the door which used to be on the building will be fitted although this will not provide access to the pump house.
On the south side of the pump house a deck area will be created along with raised seating. The south wall of the pump house will have the Memorial plaque of a running man and wording to be chosen by Lindsay, Chris's wife.
It is planned to have the Memorial completed before the 2021 Biathalon, which will be expanded and will incorporate the unveiling of the Memorial  plaque.

Chris's friends have set up a gofundme page to raise funding to enable the Memorial to be completed. Some of our local tradesmen are helping to bring the Memorial forward by providing all the necessary building skills, and as the project begins we will be looking for help with some of the more labour intensive tasks to join the work parties.